FIBS ® stands for: Free hands, individual use, bag, style & security.

Since it is smaller than a handbag it can also be called a finger-bag.

If your handbag or purse disturbs, e.g. for reasons of space or appearance and is better left at home. But how can you carry the valuable things you need protected and safe with you?

Fibs the solution: Everyday’s Darling, safe and stylish organized

A perfect GIFT for yourself and everyone you like.

Your wish –> our Team do best for a stylish and quality work.
Special design, various fabrics, décor & technical equipment possible on request. 

FIBS is a small mini “handbag” / bracelet for the most important valuables safely & stylishly.

  • Free Hands & moves Free:
  • Wear on wrist & or how you like. Individual:
  • Optimise & organize your value items. Bag / Bracelet:
  • Stylish & fashionable for every event,(more than sport)
  • Secure & Protect the values against loss / thefts

FIBS brings help, the solution:

  • for the question where to put the valuables
  • stay pretty, carry all
  • for smooth feeling & touch
  • for best practice

The latest development of FreeWings is FIBS, a kind of band with the function to store the most important valueable objects organized in the smallest space. Free of handbags and filled trouser pockets. Provides free hands and protects valuables from loss / theft.

The company FreeWings develops and sells innovative functional solutions that people need. The accessories for the sports, travel, fashion, advertising and security industries offer comfort, safety and fun in addition to simple multifunctional individual use.

Owns several awarded patents and awards. Registered Brands are FreeWings / FIBS / ScreamingMouse. Partners are searched and welcome from distributors to investors.  Eco is a matter of course.